Jane Seymour's Lookalike Daughter Katherine Is Gorgeous

Jane Seymour is a British-American actress best known for being one of the Bond girls. She made her screen debut in an uncredited role in the musical comedy “Oh! What a Lovely War” in 1969, before quickly transitioning into becoming a leading lady in both film and television. It wasn’t long before the star became a household name, and she now also shares her talents as an actress and entrepreneur with the world as well.
Seymour found great success with her role on the TV series “The Onedin Line” from 1972 to 1973. Afterward, she found critical acclaim with a plethora of roles in both television and film, including “Captains and the Kings” and “East of Eden.” Seymour has been nominated for numerous awards and is well-loved and respected by fans and critics alike. She was even appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2000. On top of that, she is also the founder of the Open Hearts Foundation.

Seymour turned 71 on Feb. 15, 2022, and looks absolutely beautiful. No one would ever think that’s her real age as she is still so vibrant and stunningly gorgeous. In fact, Seymour and her daughter – actress Katherine Flynn – look very much alike.

In the rare times Seymour uploads a photograph of herself alongside her daughter, fans point out just how much the two resemble one another. The pair have also starred alongside each other in a television movie. Read on to find out more about Seymour and Katherine’s respective careers and their relationship as mother and daughter.
Seymour has been a pivotal figure in the entertainment industry for several decades. As an actress, author and entrepreneur, it seems there is nothing that this woman can't do. She first appeared in "Oh! What a Lovely War" in 1969, although her role was uncredited at the time. However, Seymour didn't have to wait too long for her to finally get the recognition she deserves, and she obtained her first major film role in the 1970 war drama "The Only Way."

As the years ticked by, Seymour grew more and more popular, finding more success as an actress. She gained widespread popularity for her role as Emma Callon in the 1970s series "The Onedin Line." It was a time piece, fictionally taking place in the 1860s in Liverpool, England. The show was a hit with fans and helped establish the careers of several of its stars.

When Seymour obtained the role as Bond girl Solitaire in the James Bond film "Live and Let Die" in 1973, it was clear that her life would never be the same. She was already riding a wave of success following her past TV and film endeavors, but her role in the James Bond movie further cemented her celebrity status and helped her achieve international fame and success.

Prior to 2000, the James Bond franchise was one of only seven film series that had grossed more than $1 billion at the box office. Seymour and her co-stars found themselves in the likes of established stars from franchises such as "Star Wars" and "Jurassic Park."
As the years progressed, Seymour continued to land more jobs. She appeared in the TV film "East of Eden" in 1981, based on the novel by John Steinbeck. Seymour was cast as the main antagonist Cathy Ames, and her performance was outstanding in both fans' and critics' eyes. The role even helped the star win a Golden Globe.

During the 2000s, the actress worked primarily in different television series, making guest appearances in the majority of these shows. She appeared on "Smallville" as the mother of Jensen Ackles' character Jason Teague and guest-starred in "How I Met Your Mother." She also appeared in the series "Modern Men."

In 2007, Seymour proved that she had more tricks up her sleeve and put on her dancing shoes to compete in the reality competition show "Dancing with the Stars." She was paired up with professional dancer Tony Dovolani, and the pair placed sixth in the show's fifth season.

However, Seymour began taking a bit of a step back from the spotlight as the next few years went by, appearing in fewer productions than she did during her peak. She acted in the 2008 Hallmark film "Dear Prudence" alongside Jamey Sheridan and Ryan Cartwright and also went on to appear in the romantic comedy "Love, Wedding, Marriage" in 2011 with Mandy Moore.

Afterward, she returned to the Hallmark channel for "Lake Effects" in 2012 with actresses Scottie Thompson and Madeline Zima. In 2016, Seymour starred in Noel Coward's play "The Vortex," which was presented in Singapore by the British Theatre Playhouse.
On top of capturing the hearts of people from all over the world with her incredible talents, Seymour has also warmed the hearts of many with her charitable work. She is a celebrity ambassador for Childhelp, which is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect. She sponsored a children's Art Pillow contest in 2007, with the proceeds going to Childhelp as a donation from her Jane Seymour Collection.

Through Jane Seymour Designs – Seymour's fashion label – the established star has also shown her commitment to charitable causes. She is the founder of the Open Hearts Foundation and partnered her two passion projects together during the pandemic to provide immediate grants to those in need. The fashion label has continued to work with the foundation since and has encouraged people to donate with a saving incentive. On their website, they offer 5% off Jane Seymour Designs' items for donations to the Open Hearts Foundation.

Speaking with The Zoe Report in March 2022, Seymour talked about how much it means to her to be a philanthropist and to find roles with meanings. This way, she's able to spread a positive message to as many people as possible in both her professional and personal life.

Seymour said:

"The most rewarding aspect of my acting career I think was being involved in something like 'War and Remembrance,' where I actually was able to speak at universities and talk about the Holocaust and talk about how this kind of hatred was continuing today. It's amazing when you can tell a story that has such a significance and it's part of a drama."
The actress also talked about how much she really invests in her acting gigs. "When it comes to doing roles now, I really try to put myself into the character as much as I can," Seymour said. According to The Zoe Report, Seymour has a few projects in the works, as she is set to portray a retired professor turned accidental detective in "Harry Wild," which is set to be released in April 2022.

For this project, in particular, Seymour said that she worked closely with the writer David Logan to incorporate some elements of her own life to make the role that much more personal to her. "I think after a while you kind of become that character and that character becomes the series," she explained.

She also said that beauty comes from within – something that Seymour has constantly shown throughout the span of her career. The actress said, "Beauty, for me, comes from within. And it's about positivity. I see beauty in all kinds of people, all over the world, where they just radiate a kind of feeling that they're really comfortable in their skin. For me, beauty is not about whether your cheekbones are high or lips are plump; it's about what comes from within."

Seymour went on to find great success, especially after becoming a Bond girl. According to You Magazine, "Live and Let Die" made her the star she is today. Although Seymour doesn't believe the movie has aged very well, she still considers it "a time capsule." Her popularity peaked and dipped over the next several years, with a huge rise in 2005 thanks to the movie "Wedding Crashers."
Speaking with You Magazine in May 2021, Seymour opened up about her life as a star during her younger years and the sense of revival she's had as of late. "Who knew I would suddenly have a whole new career?" she said, explaining how her 70th birthday was truly a milestone. "It's unbelievable." As Seymour has continued to find new ways to highlight her talents and stay consistently brilliant in the acting industry, she has also looked back on the many lessons she's learned along the way. She even gave her younger self some advice, explaining how she can only control what happens within her own life, not the lives of others.

The star has also found ways to care for herself. She told The Zoe Report that she enjoys her skincare routine as well as moving her body in an effective workout. "When I do work out, I tend to do Pilates reformer (exercises)," she said. "Because I do have (dance) injuries, it really helps me enormously. I also do gyrotonics, which does more of a rotation of the spine, which I find to be very important."

In fact, moving her body is something that Seymour does right when she wakes up. "It sounds kind of silly but the first thing I do, I learned from a dancer, is jiggle my spine and hips and knees and feet," she said. "You can do it laying on your back in bed and it's so good for the spine and hips. Then I have my coffee and I shower and wash my hair every single day."
Reminiscing on her career, Seymour talked about her break big as a dancer in "Oh! What a Lovely War" when she was just 17 years old. She fell in love with Michael Attenborough, and the two were married in 1971. "We got married way too young," Seymour said. "I was 20, he was 21. He went off to become a great theater director and I got the lead in a Bond film, so we parted ways."

Seymour later married Attenborough's best friend Geoffrey Planer, which also didn't last. Fortunately, "All three of us are still close friends," Seymour explained. In 1981, Seymour married David Flynn, and the marriage produced two children: Katherine and Sean Flynn. However, the couple divorced in 1992.

Afterward, she married actor James Keach, and the couple had a set of twins together named John Stacy Keach and Kristopher Steven Keach.

Speaking with The Zoe Report, Seymour talked about some of the best relationship advice she's learned over the years. She said:

"I think it's the one I've learned, which is that if you find yourself dating someone who has just dumped someone to be with you or cheated on someone and now they're with you – even if you don't know that they cheated – the chances of them cheating on you are pretty much 100%. The behavior that you see early on that may not have affected you adversely will probably come back to bite you. For me, I don't see the point in a relationship – meaning more than two dates – unless there is a sense of trust."
Seymour and her daughter look very much alike and have even shared the screen together – both with their personal cameras and in a television movie. The pair were in the romantic comedy "Perfectly Prudence," which also starred Seymour's former co-star Joe Lando. In the movie, Katherine plays Seymour's daughter – a role that she has definitely had some practice with!

In 2011, Katherine spoke with Assignment X about working with her mom. "Oh, it was a blast," she said. "We ran lines every night, we had dinner really late. It was an experience." Beforehand, the pair had worked together on a web series called "The Quitter Show." Katherine explained, "She played my mother in that and it was very fun." In 2020, Katherine also commended her mom for all the work she's done as the founder of the Open Hearts Foundation.

In the rare instances where Seymour shares family photos, fans have been astonished at how similar she and Katherine look. On Jan. 8, 2022, Seymour shared a photo on Instagram of herself alongside Katherine and Katherine's children, wishing her daughter a happy birthday. She celebrated all of Katherine's accomplishments as an actress, writer and advocate. One person commented, "Beautiful photo of you and your family."

On Feb. 21, 2022, Seymour uploaded another picture of her and Katherine. Seymour wrote, "I was flooded with so many emotions when I first saw this photo. What an incredible and strong woman Katie has become." She also referred to Katherine as a "resilient" woman and as her friend. Again, people were blown away by just how similar the two women looked. One person commented, "What beautiful souls you and your daughter are."

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