Heidi Montag Says Raw Organ Meat Boosts Fertility. What Experts Say

Actor Heidi Montag is at it again by openly eating raw meat in the street with attempts to help herself pregnant.

The Hills star has been seen chomping on raw bison heart to apparently 'improve libido'.

The 35-year-old hopes to have a second child with her husband Spencer Pratt after discovering Paul Saladino, also known as the 'Carnivore MD'.

She's been seen pulling the slab out on the streets of Los Angeles, as well as on social media.

Well, eating raw meat isn't actually a new thing for Heidi, who's been doing it since January this year.

Talking to social media, she said: "Maybe this will help me get pregnant."

Heidi reckons it has genuinely boosted her libido in hopes to get pregnant again.

She told People: "I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half, I'm willing to try different things, it's a great source of nutrients.

"I have felt incredible on this diet a lot more energy, clarity, increased libido, and overall improvement on chronic pain I have had."

However, she doesn't worry about the risk of eating raw meat, adding: "I just happen to like eating sushi-style organs."

She went on to say: "When you think about where the most nutrients are that are bio available to humans without toxins, organs are very nutritious parts of animals.

"Culturally organs are a critical part. Eating raw liver is going to preserve as many nutrients as possible."

The question many will be thinking is if eating raw meat is actually healthy?

According to Dietician Dr Frankie Phillips, of the British Dietetic Association, ‘eating some cuts of meat raw or lightly cooked poses a health risk, but provided it has been butchered, handled and stored correctly – with proper hygienic conditions – it may be low risk'.

She told Metro: "A ‘blue’ steak, or steak tartare, may be safe to eat, but it can’t be guaranteed free of harmful pathogens. Conversely, cooking meat to a high temperature for long enough reduces the risk of food poisoning, as harmful bacteria are killed, or denatured.

"If eggs have a UK lion stamp, they are salmonella free, so should be safe to eat runny or raw

"Raw milk is less clear and pregnant women, infants and elderly people shouldn’t have unpasteurised milk.

"However, raw chicken is a definite no and food hygiene practices should be strictly followed when handling raw chicken. We would never recommend people eat chicken that is not cooked thoroughly as there is too great a risk of food poisoning."

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