Five teenage boys get medals of heroism after saving sheriff's deputy from late night attack

We all like to think that if the situation ever arose, we’d step up to the plate and defend someone when their life was being threatened through no fault of their own.

Of course, the reality is that none of us actually know what we’d do until we’re shoved into any such event. Whilst it’s true that some men and women show extraordinary bravery in the face of adversity, self preservation is a natural instinct that many lean towards when the stakes are at their highest.

One group of five teenagers from Auburn, Washington, proved beyond all doubt that they belong in the first of those two classes, after going out of their way to save the life of a Sheriff’s Deputy one Monday night back in July, 2020.
Credit / Facebook – King County Sheriff’s Office
As per reports, Deputy Elliott was off-duty when she was flagged down after an intoxicated man who had caused a car crash.

Elliott tried to arrest the suspect to prevent him fleeing the scene, but he grew suddenly aggressive. Grabbing the deputy, he put her in a headlock and began to choke her.

Fortunately for Elliott, however, and completely unbeknownst to her attacker, help was on hand from an unlikely source. A group of five teenagers had witnessed the incident and decided they had no other choice than to leap into action.

Elliott said she heard them shouting “get off of her”. They struggled with the suspect until he let go of the deputy, then proceeded to pin him down on the ground by his legs and shoulders until Deputy Elliott could handcuff him.
After the incident, the five teenagers were given their due appraisal ´by King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht.

Commending the group for their bravery, the sheriff said: “On her behalf, I have to thank you. She believes, and I believe had you not been there for her on this day, she might not be alive.”

As per reports, Sheriff Johanknecht bestowed the Community Heroism award upon the teens – the highest award a civilian can receive from the sheriff’s office.

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