Elderly couple bravely confronts Russian soldiers who tried to invade their home, US embassy praises them

Even as death stared them in the face, an elderly couple in Ukraine stared right back. According to New York Post, Russian soldiers had broken into the property of an old couple but instead of running away, they stood up against their enemy and their remarkable bravery has earned them praise from the US Embassy.

The intense video of the encounter was shared on social media by the embassy in Kyiv on Friday. "Today we salute this elderly couple, who stood up to three Russian soldiers," read the caption of the post which was complete with the hashtag #UkrainianHeroes.

A surveillance camera in the area that captured the incident showed three armed, uniformed Russian soldiers approaching the pair's gated driveway before breaking it. After forcefully opening the gate, they move towards the home with their weapons drawn as dogs bark in the neighboring area.

As they leave the frame, several loud voices can be heard and this is followed by the deafening sound of a gunshot. The clip then cuts to another angle, this time it's from inside the property. A balding man dressed in a blue sweater and black pants starts yelling at the soldiers joined by a woman in a blue coat and pink hat.

Despite having weapons pointed at him, the man continues approaching the troops and waving his fist in the air at them. Soon, the argument seems to intensify as one of the soldiers fires a shot into the sky. As the couple continues to yell, a fourth soldier enters the property and signals them to leave the property. The soldiers eventually give up as they leave the property.

As for the couple, they carefully walk towards the gate and quickly shut it behind them. Per reports, the incident unfolded in Mykolayiv Oblast, which is situated nearly 80 miles east of Odesa in the country’s south. This isn't the first time, the U.S. government has praised the Ukrainians for bravely resisting the Russian army, which is clearly larger in strength and is better equipped.

"The Ukrainians have also retained a lot of their combat power. And they’re fighting back. They’re fighting back bravely," explained Pentagon spokesman John Kirby during a news briefing according to Fox News. On February 24, the Russian naval power demanded the Ukrainian defense forces stationed on Snake Island in the Black Sea to surrender. But they defined their orders saying, "Russian ship, go f--- yourself!"

Initially, it was believed that the 13 marines and border guards had been killed after being bombarded. However, the Ukrainian navy later revealed that they were all alive but had been captured by the Russian forces.

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Cover image source: Twitter Screenshot | U.S. Embassy Kyiv

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