DoorDash Driver Shares Incredible Act Of Kindness By An 'Angel'

A DoorDash delivery driver shared a wholesome story about a recent customer's random act of kindness.

The delivery driver posted the story along with text message screenshots to the DoorDash forum on Reddit -- a place where people can share their DoorDash experiences.

He titled the post "Angels Do Exist" and wrote the following:

"Sorry if I'm posting incorrectly, I don't use Reddit much but had to post this. Customer tipped me 50 dollars and upon me asking if it was correct he proceeded to send me 500 dollars through cash app. Keep your heads up dashers and remember to be an angel in someone else's life if you can!"
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He received more surprise donations from "angels" on the forum, as well as positive messages.

"Thank you so much to all the positive replies and to the few other angels who also donated!!" he said in an update. "You all have made my night even better than it already was. I'm blown away thank you all so much."

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