Doctor Tells Mom She Can’t Conceive Another Baby Who Ages Rapidly - Then Sister Is Born With It Too

A child was born named Michiel Vandeweert in Belgium of 1998. Within eight months, they noticed the baby looked different from the other children at the daycare center. He was soon after diagnosed with a disease called progeria, a rare genetic condition that is characterized by premature aging.
Michiel's mother states that her children age about ten years biologically with each year that passes of their life. Emotionally and mentally, they are quite normal for their ages. Their height and weight are lower than what's normal, but their brains are not affected. It is only the balding heads and aged skin that reveals their conditions.

Underneath their appearances, they are bright, intelligent and optimistic.

Their parents always wanted two children but were concerned that another child may be predisposed to having genetic abnormalities. Doctors told them it was just about impossible for them to conceive another child who would carry the same disease.
Eight years later, they had finally decided to take that chance and give Michiel a little sibling. When little Amber was also diagnosed with progeria, everyone was dumbfounded, especially the doctors.

Never before had a pair of siblings with progeria existed. The only documented case had been with a pair of twins. The medical community was in awe at this rare occurrence.
These siblings continue to defy all expectations, as they as already years past the projected life expectancy of individuals with progeria. Now being 20 years old, Michiel is hoping to create a new record for the longest living individual with progeria, with hopes to reach age 30.

Together, they support one another with the emotional and physical trials of the condition. With the help of their loving parents, an incredible group of friends and each other, they share an optimistic outlook on life and continue to enjoy every day doing the things they love.
Michiel enjoys the rush of go-carts and tries to make it to the track about once a month to every week. Although sometimes the physical limitations of the disease, such as aching joints and weak bones, prevent him from doing as much as he'd like.

Amber loves dancing and sharing on social media, recording inspiring videos of her choreographed hand movements.

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