Deaf Man Says Passenger Punched Pregnant Fiancée And Service Dog On Plane For Taking Up Space

In May 2018, Matthew and Hazel were traveling with their two children and service dog from Colorado Springs to Orlando when a terrible encounter took place.
Matthew and Hazel are both deaf, so they rely on their sweet Great Dane Zariel to assist them in everyday life. Zariel was well-behaved and slept through the flight, and when the plane landed in Florida she woke up and stretched out her stiff legs. (Frontier Airlines allows certified service animals on all flights.)

But apparently, one of the passengers seated near the family thought the Great Dane was taking up too much space. He became angry to the point he was accused of punching Zariel with a closed fist to get her to move away from him and his wife. The poor dog was so scared she let out a yelp and hid under a seat.

Matthew and Hazel were stunned and told the irate man to never lay a hand on a service animal. As the plane taxied to the gate, the mayhem continued.

That's when things took an even more violent turn. The passenger allegedly turned his attention to Hazel — who was 20 weeks pregnant at the time.

This story first appeared in June 2018.

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