CVS Worker Begs Customers To Stop Printing Nudes: I See Them All'

A CVS worker issued a viral public service announcement to customers on TikTok: “Don’t print your nudes at CVS.”

The worker, @roomtempwaterr, seemingly filmed the video while at work, telling viewers via text overlay: “Idk how many times I have to say this. Don’t print your nudes at CVS. I do in fact see every single one.”

She continued to plead with customers in the caption of the video. “pls it’s 9 am lauren i can’t do this,” she said.

The video has garnered 90,000 views in under a day.

Some commenters, while sympathetic, were upfront that they are going to continue to do this. For others, @roomtempwaterr’s TikTok had an adverse reaction, giving them the idea to start doing this.

“Be right back going to go do this RIGHT NOW because my baby dads new girl works there,” one commenter wrote.

“Sorry I’m still going to do it my bf and I long distance,” another commenter wrote.

Others shared their own stories of attempting to print their photos at pharmacy store chains.

“I did this at Walgreens and when I came to pick them up,” one commenter wrote. “This Karen lady told me she threw them out and to never come back in.”

“CVS saw my daughters entire birth,” another said. “I left my sister in charge of pictures with a disposable camera. I had no idea until i went to pick them up at cvs and saw all the workers face.”

Some offered alternatives to ensure that they did not have to interact with anyone who would be printing their photos.

“I used FreePrints so I don’t have to see the person printing them,” one commenter wrote.

“I just use Shutterfly,” another wrote. “No shame.”

“I googled this bc I wanted to print spicy pics for my bf…went ahead and got me a Polaroid,” a third said.

However, @roomtempwater said this only happens with orders submitted online. If customers print their photos in person, they are the only person seeing them.

“if you print them in store i don’t see but if you do an online order i am the one manually printing and packaging,” she wrote. “If ya do it, do it yourself lol.”

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