Carpenter Spends 20 Years Building Massive Life-Sized Replica Of Noah’s Ark

Johan Huibers is a carpenter with a passion. He built Noah's Ark, along with life-size wooden animals, in the town of Dordrecht, Holland. It took him four years to do the work and over $1.5 million to complete. It's become somewhat of a tourist attraction since Johan completed it.
Johan recently unveiled the next phase of his Noah's Ark journey. He is planning on sailing the Ark to Israel. Of course, setting sail is not going to be easy. Johan is hoping to raise a good amount of money from donations to fund the trip.

Johan is a dedicated Christian, reading the Bible from one end to the other. He wants to take his copy of the Ark to the land from which it originated. The main problem Johan faces on his journey is the fact that his Ark doesn't have any motors or sails.
To make a journey, he needs to hire tugboats to push the Ark along. He estimates its going to take at least $1.3 million. Johan told a reporter that he wants to visit Israel because he loves the land, the country, and the people.

Currently, Johan's creation is quite popular with tourists, drawing hundreds of thousands to see his massive masterpiece. It measures over 100 yards in length and stands five stories tall.
He built the Ark to show people that God actually exists. He wanted to give kids the chance to see and feel the Ark. Another reason he built the Ark is to show people that things are changing.

As global warming heats things up, sea levels are going to rise. Wild fires are going to rage. It is a tool for educating. Johan's original goal was to take the Ark to Brazil in time for the 2018 Olympics in Rio. His fundraising wasn't enough. Maybe this time he will be able to make his journey.

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