Bride Is Confused As To Why Groom Is Holding Up The Ceremony As He Points Towards The Balcony

For most brides, planning a wedding ceremony takes a lot of work. The stress of the big day can cause many brides to fall apart, so it is reasonable to think that every bride wants their day to go as planned. So when this bride below realized that her man was trying to delay their ceremony, she became very upset.
But then he told her to look up towards the balcony. When she saw what her husband and her students had prepared, she knew that this was worth the delay!
Miss Liz, the bride, is an instructor at a theater and dance place known as the Jaykays Dance Company, located in Warwickshire, UK. She is quite loved by her students and she loves them all just as much! Her students were just as thrilled to hear the news that Ollie had popped the big question to Liz. They were eager to celebrate with the two of them!

Luckily, Ollie knew that Liz’s students meant a lot to her. So he organized something in secret- a tribute that would be performed during the ceremony.
As Ollie and Liz prepare to say their wedding vows, Ollie springs his surprise. Instead of his vows, he points towards the balcony and tells his bride-to-be to look up. Up in the balcony, a very special group of people were there to provide an amazing performance for this wonderful bride.
Ollie had teamed up with the Jaykays Dance Company to put together an incredible performance. Her students performed “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, bringing the bride to tears. This dance and theater instructor was ecstatic to see all of her amazing students on the best day of her life. You can tell it meant the world to her! Her soon-to-be-husband has a heart of gold and was able to show her how much he loved her by planning such a wonderful surprise.

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