Former Target worker warns viewers to not steal from store

In a viral TikTok, a former Target worker warns people: “If you want to continue to go to Target, don’t steal from them.”

The TikTok was posted on Tuesday by @hoesticia. In the clip, the TikToker is in her car answering a comment that says, “Teach me how to steal ty.”

“Never steal from Target,” says the TikToker. “I don’t want to seem like I’m kissing their ass or anything,” she continues, adding that she no longer works there.

“If you want to continue to go to Target, don’t steal from them,” she says. “Most likely, they already know that you’re stealing. They see you on the cameras. Someone’s following you. Most likely, they’re building a case against you. You’re going to get caught.”

As of Wednesday, the TikTok has over 245,600 views.

“There’s literally an asset protection team. they watch the cameras all day and only come out when they’re trying to catch someone,” @hoesticia elaborated in the comments.

“I work for target rn and she’s right,” one TikToker commented. “Security guards dress undercover at mine and they follow you if they think your steeling.”

“She tellin the 🎶truuuuthhh🎶 my cousin owes Target $76,000 and is under contract with them now. It was either contract or jail,” one TikToker wrote.

“As someone who has stolen from target and had a case against them lol she is telling 100% of the truth,” another commented.

Some people disagreed. “Fren thats bs… i got hired and borrowed REGULARLY.”

In response, @hoesticia wrote: “Maybe it’s just my old store but they watched the employees even more than they watched the customers. ppl got fired for stealing !!”

In other TikTok videos, people say they’ve had Target build cases against them over the years “and letting me steal $3,000 so they can actually send me to jail.”

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