A Furious Debate About Ukraine On Indian Tv Ended With The Most Hilarious Twist

As the Ukraine-Russia conflict continues, more and more conversations are being had about the proper way to approach the conflict, with emotions running high.

In a heated exchange about Russia’s invasion on an Indian TV channel, the conversation resulted in a screaming match—only for it to culminate in a hilarious twist.

The editor-in-chief of the news channel, Rahul Shivshankar, is speaking to two other panelists, Daniel McAdams and Bohdan Nahaylo, when he begins to scold one of the guests presuming he is Ukrainian.

He begins to argue that he needs to "fight alongside his men" instead of blaming India and adds that having a "colonial mindset" is the reason why this behavior has been excused so far.

"You people and your colonial agenda have wrecked us out," Shivshankar said, adding: "Don't sit here and lecture us McAdams."

As he mutters that McAdams should be shut down one of the panelists jumps in and says, "Dear host, I haven't said a word yet. I don't know why you're yelling at me. I am Mr. McAdams."

As it turns out, the Editor in Chief was yelling at the wrong guy the entire time.

"Oh sorry I got that confused," he explains.

The video has since gone viral.

"Hands down, this is THE funniest 'news' video I have seen in recent times... perhaps the funniest of 2022, amidst all the gloom. Please persist through Rahul Shivshankar's non-stop verbal diarrhea and you'd be richly rewarded in the end 😂," one person wrote on Twitter of the segment.

"This is the best thing on internet right now. LMAO," another person commented.

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