Amazon Employee Films Himself Getting Trapped By Robot Shelves On Warehouse Floor

People often come up with inventive excuses for why they're late back to work, but we doubt "the robots trapped me in" would pass. Luckily, one apparent Amazon employee captured it all.

In a viral clip that garnered almost a million views, TikTok user @robotman77 shared their crazy warehouse experience, which found him trapped "for 15 minutes".

The video showed plastic yellow shelving units automatically moving back and forth between stations, creating dead ends and new corridor openings.

"They tried to block me in, he says as one pod moves into the walkway. "These pods are messing with me."

The viral TikTok polarised the platform, with some finding humour in the neverending maze and others saying it was anxiety-inducing.

One user compared it to an episode of Black Mirrorwith an elaborate hypothetical scenario: "The robots trap you in there until you go feral and then guide you to another deranged worker and live stream the bloodbath."

Another pointed out the potential fire hazard dangers and joked that the TikToker should go an "get that bag." While one joked that technology is getting way too advanced: "THEY'RE LEARNING AND REBELLING!!"

"There's a guy in an office somewhere watching this and laughing every time he blocks you," another concluded.

It's not just behind the scenes at Amazon that has garnered worldwide TikTok traction. The company's delivery drivers have also had their fair share of virality online too.

One driver was applauded for his quick thinking after convincing a husband he was a preacher to divert the attention away from a surprise parcel he didn't know about. His wife captioned the clip, "he understood the assignment" – and rightly so.

Another delivery driver left a message on the Ring doorbell to alert a woman about a potentially life-saving safety hazard with her house.

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