Woman unhesitatingly jumps into frozen pond to save 3 siblings who fell into it: "They needed help"

When three children who were playing on a frozen pond fell through, a concerned neighbor bravely plunged into the 15ft-deep water body to rescue them. Dusti Talavera, 23, did not hesitate for a moment when she saw the kids, aged 4, 6, and 11, in trouble on the afternoon of January 9, in Arapahoe County, Denver.

"I was looking out my window and saw a couple of kids walking on the ice pond. A few seconds later, I saw them fall in... Instinct was to go outside and help them. I just kind of put some shoes on and ran out. Nobody was really outside, so I mean, it was me. I just knew it was me that had to do it," she shared during a news conference.
According to Daily Mail, Talavera managed to bring two of the siblings to safety while the third, a 6-year-old girl, was pulled out of the frozen pond by her teenage relative. But the young girl, Zakiyah Williams, had stopped breathing after being underwater for roughly 2 minutes. Dramatic body-cam footage of first responders shows the moment they desperately performed CPR on Williams before transporting her to the hospital.

The youngster was taken to the Children's Hospital initially. After her condition stabilized, Williams was transported to Denver Health Medical Center. The sheriff's office revealed that the child was in serious condition but noted that she is expected to survive. She is now doing well. The terrifying incident unfolded on a pond in the center of the Addison at Cherry Creek apartment complex, on Florida Avenue.

Thanks to Talavera's quick response, the kids were rescued in time. Even though she put herself in harm's way to save the kids, the 23-year-old noted that she wasn't concerned for her safety "because they were babies and they needed help." An emotional Cory Sudden with South Metro Fire Rescue shared, "I have four boys. What she [Dusti] did was amazing. We were back at the fire station talking about how brave she was, how great the officers did. And gosh, I hope if this happened to one of mine, somebody like her was close by."

Per The Epoch Times, the South Metro Fire Rescue applauded everyone who had been instrumental in saving the lives of the three children. "Quick actions from a heroic bystander and CPR from sheriff’s deputies and our firefighters all came together in a critical moment to help rescue multiple children from a dangerous situation," it read.

Meanwhile, the 6-year-old's mother expressed, "They saved my baby and I just really want to thank them for saving her." Her father, Walter, added, "It was like a puzzle. Every piece had to go together for it to work and the puzzle got put together so fast it saved my daughter’s life."

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | Denver 7

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