Woman Gives Birth In A Toilet Without Knowing She Was Pregnant

A college student has gone viral after she gave birth on the toilet, having not realised she was nine months pregnant.

Teagan Brill didn’t know she was expecting a child until the week before she gave birth to her son, and thought she was only a month into her pregnancy at the time.

Brill, who now has a healthy baby son named Owen, was a senior in college in February 2021. After experiencing stomach pain she called 911 after visiting the bathroom, only to be told she was having contractions.

“One Monday night in February, I did not feel good and something was off,” Brill said in a TikTok video. “I was just like, ‘Wow, I do not feel good, guys.’”

Remarkably, she did not notice any signs throughout the nine months of pregnancy, telling viewers on TikTok that she didn’t show in her stomach and experienced no changes to her menstrual cycle.

She continued to drink alcohol during that time as she was unaware of the fact she was pregnant. She assured viewers that her son was perfectly healthy, having given birth on her own in the bathroom while on the phone to medical experts.

“He is okay,” she said in another video. “I turned 21 when I was six-and-a-half months pregnant not knowing… I drank, I did anything a normal 21, senior year in college would do. I lived my life, obviously.”

“They gave [Owen] all these tests… and he was totally fine,” she added.

Her boyfriend at the time, Mitchell, was understandably shocked to hear the news. However, he travelled to Michigan to be with his new family soon after and the couple were married last summer.

Videos of Brill talking about her experiences have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and she recently spoke to the Independent, saying: “It’s been fun to share my story a year later and has been a fun way to relive it with my friends and family!”

Speaking about her husband, she said: “Yes, we are together. Now we live happily with Owen.”

Brill added: “When I had Owen, people reached out to me saying they know people it happened to, but now I’m getting messages from people and it is fun to connect with others that have a very similar story!”

“It is also crazy how fast videos can get around,” she added. “So many people I know have seen my videos or people recognize places within my videos and that’s fun to see!”

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