Ukrainian Sailor Arrested For Partially Sinking $8m Yacht Owned By Russian Boss

A Ukrainian sailor has been arrested for attempting to sink a super yacht worth over £5 million as it was owned by a Russian businessman.

The sailor, who has not been named, claimed he took action against the boat in Spain’s Mallorca as his boss is in charge of the production of weapons used by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Local newspaper Ultima Hora reports that the 55-year-old mechanic had worked for ten years on the Lady Anastasia, a 156ft luxury yacht worth €7 million owned by Alexander Mijeev, the former head of the Russian Helicopter Corporation.

Mijeev took over state-owned weapons supplier Rostec in 2016.

The sailor made a statement to police, explaining that he took ‘revenge’ after watching a news segment on Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Seeing Russian fighters ‘attacking innocents’ with a helicopter featuring ‘armaments produced by the ship owner's company’, just two hours later the man headed to the yacht, which was moored at Port Adriano.

While there, he is reported to have opened a large valve in the engine room of the boat and a second in another compartment.

Although they protested his plan, he told the crew members that he would take full responsibility for the act.

The yacht became partially submerged but was still tied to its moorings, causing only material damage.

When the Civil Guard turned up, the man is reported to have been waiting by the boat, telling authorities: “My boss is a criminal who sells weapons that kill the Ukrainian people.”

He added: “I don't regret anything I've done and I would do it again.”

The events, which unfolded yesterday (Sunday, 27 February), led to the mechanic’s arrest, although he was freed by a judge.

It’s unclear whether he has been charged with any offences.

This incident is just one part of a wider-scale invasion of Ukraine that was ordered by Putin, who placed his country's nuclear deterrent forces on 'high alert' yesterday, citing 'aggressive statements' made by NATO powers, along with hard-hitting financial sanctions against himself and Russia.

The UK's defence secretary Ben Wallace said Putin is aware that anything involving a nuclear weapon would be met with an equal or greater response from the West.

He said: "This is a battle of rhetoric and we just have to make sure we manage it properly."

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