Touching Pictures Of Husband Shaving Wife's Hair As She Gets Ready To Fight Cancer Are Heartbreaking

Photographer Mandy Parks recently captured some tender moments between spouses in a photo-shoot. But it wasn’t an ordinary photo-shoot for a holiday card or family keepsake—It was a series documenting Kelsey Johnson shaving his wife Charlie’s hair before the next stage in her cancer treatment.
The emotional photos followed the couple in a countryside setting where Charlie sat in front of a vanity. She looked beautiful wearing a long pink dress and a cancer ribbon necklace. Her makeup was done perfectly and not a hair was out of place. Kelsey then joins her in the photographs with a shaver in his hand, ready to buzz her blonde hair.
The couple fought back tears as each clump of hair fell to the ground, and Mandy told People that they kept expressing their love to one another during the entire shoot. It is all captured beautifully, and photos of the end result are emotionally arresting.

Charlie gathers up her tears and looks at the camera with a determined look on her face. She wears pink boxing gloves at the end of the series to show her strength and bravery against the illness.
It is such a courageous display of resilience that has been welcomed by those who needed to see the Johnsons’ strength online. Mandy Parks Photography’s post, which was captioned “Strong women aren't simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through. From the pain, mistakes, and heartache we achieve pride and strength,” has seen more than 300,000 reactions and thousands of comments

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