Man's Generous Tip For Waiter Leaves People Divided

The fact that most servers have to rely on tips to make a livable wage in the United States is a heavy point of contention. Although there are some eateries that are offering significant pay increases, there are still many employees who work in the foodservice industry who express that the pay they receive isn't commensurate with the workload they take on day in, day out.

It doesn't seem like the gratuity model at sit-down restaurants is going to drastically change in America anytime soon, which means that if you're working as a server you'll probably still need to hope that your customers are leaving you decent tips so you can pay your bills.

The trouble is that there are some folks who highlight their "generosity" when it comes to gratuity for social media clout.

There are plenty of videos on the internet of people showcasing the emotional reactions of servers that they leave fat tips and while these good deeds come off as wholesome, there are those who believe the practice is exploitative. Like this viral TikTok of a couple allowing a server to punch in a 200% tip amount on a bill at a restaurant.

The short clip shows the TikToker telling the waiter to swipe the tip amount as far as it can go on the tablet, resulting in a gratuity amount well above the standard 15-20% of a bill.

"Boom. 200%. Done," the TikTok user can be heard saying in the video. Another person who was seated at the table, presumably the @realkingkhang's partner, says "You get $100 in tip. No, I'm for real.

On-screen text appears, which reads: “I love doing this. Feels so good to make someone’s day.”

The waiter thanked them and gave Khang a thumbs up.

Since it was posted two days ago, the clip has received 175,000 views, 14,000 likes, and 200 comments.

Some commenters asked why he filmed himself giving such a generous tip.

One viewer wrote: “Why do we make games out of tipping people and [film] it? just give the money leave it at that.”

Another said: “I’ve tipped 100$ before and I’m not a millionaire. I also didn’t film it for clout.”

“Why record it? That’s lame,” another commented.

However others enjoyed the video, and urged others to view the clip positively.

One viewer wrote: “All the comments are hating, but [I] doubt any of them have EVER paid over 20% for their tips... smh [shaking my head].”

Another said: “As a server, I wouldn’t give a f*** if I’m being filmed or not. $100 on a $45 ticket? Y’all be so bent for no reason, I’m just glad for that server.”

In the US servers and bartenders rely on tips and a good rule of thumb for the amount to leave behind is between 15 and 20 per cent.

Although this means the amount of take-home pay servers receive each week varies wildly - for some, such as this Hooters waitress - it can prove lucrative. However, not every customer is quite so keen on leaving a tip...

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