Teacher Worked In The Same School For 45 Years, But When She Died They Learned Her True Identity

Teachers work hard for little pay to educate the next generation of thinkers, making them the backbone of society. But many teachers have trouble paying their own bills with their low salaries. This was the case at one school in Dumont, New Jersey, but they got a shocking surprise after the death of one beloved teacher.
Genevieve Via Cava had worked at the New Jersey school for 45 years. She was a special education teacher who was known for her strong bond with students. She genuinely loved working with students and would often come visit the school even after retired to catch up with old students and coworkers.

She was known for her frugal ways, as she clipped coupons, didn't wear flashy clothes, and had no close family.

After over four decades of teaching, Genevieve retired in 1990 but still stayed close to the school community. Unfortunately, she died in 2011 at the old age of 88.
But that wasn't the end of her contributions to the school. A few weeks after Genevieve's death, the school was shocked when they received a million dollar check from her estate attorney.

Through her frugal living, which she had learned growing up during the Great Depression, she managed to save enough over her teaching career to give back a huge contribution to the school. The money is being used to fund the further education of special education students from the high school. No one but the woman's attorney knew about her wealth or her plan to donate such a large sum after her death.

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