Uni Student Horrified To Discover Kitchen Annihilated By Former Housemate

A university student took to TikTok to share a viral clip that shows her kitchen absolutely destroyed by a former housemate.

In the video that racked over 3.5 million views, Maya (@letapayam) explained how she was innocently going to put her midnight snack back into the fridge. To her horror, she was greeted with an annihilated kitchen, leaving her too horrified to speak.

The TikTok shows a cocktail of food, sauces and glass smashed all over the floor, ketchup smothered on the cupboards and walls, and what appears to be salt emptied over the kitchen counters. The door and kitchen fridge were also left wide open.

The clip left a lot to the imagination with viewers guessing that it was down to storm Eunice, or perhaps, a bear – but they weren't even close. Maya followed up with a storytime clip to offer context to fellow TikTokers desperate to know what had happened.

She said the "craziest" thing about the incident was that it wasn't "anyone living or paying rent in this house."

Instead, "it was done by a guest" – though, Maya and her six housemates were unsure as to which guest it was.

"My housemate decided to invite two guests to stay over after a little drinking night out at the pub," she explained, adding that one of which was someone they already had an issue with "in terms of house cleanliness." She added how this affected "a lot of people in this house, mentally."

The issue led to this person being "kicked out permanently."

Check it out for yourself:

Some users hysterically made light of the horrific situation, with one stating they have been put off feta for life. "That's it. I've binned my feta. There is no way I want this to happen to my kitchen," they said.

"What kind of feta is that?" one user humoured, "I don’t think I’ll be buying that brand."

Another jested: "I'm a cheesemaker and Feta is renowned for doing this at 3am. It needs to be in the fridge by 2:30am at the absolute latest."

Others failed to see past the atrocity, urging Maya to phone the police for "criminal damage."

"Their guest, their mess," one highlighted. "If they invited that person over they’re responsible for them. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please report this incident."

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