Ship Is Far Away From Iceberg About To Fall Over When Crew Sees Someone Stranded On It

If you were a fisherman who spent time in the chilly waters off of Labrador, Canada, you probably wouldn't be too surprised to encounter a sea-dwelling animal such as a seal on top of an iceberg. You may, however, have a much different reaction if you noticed a typical land-dwelling animal floating along on that same iceberg miles off the coast! That's exactly what happened to a group of local Labrador fishermen. Read further to find out more about the intriguing account of their incredible discovery.
Three fishermen, Mallory Harrigan, Cliff Russell, and Alan Russell originally assumed that the small, gray creature they spotted floating on top of an iceberg was a young seal. They couldn't have been more wrong. Imagine their surprise when, upon closer inspection, they discovered that it was an adorable yet frightened arctic fox!
They quickly began to reason among themselves that the fox must have been hunting for food along the shoreline. After spotting a tasty morsel on the ice, he had most likely gone after it just before the ice broke off and became a floating iceberg. The bewildered animal was then left to drift along with seemingly no hope of ever reaching the shore again.

They decided to rescue him and bring him back to his homeland. They slowly and cautiously moved their fishing vessel toward the iceberg, being careful not to make any sudden movements that might scare the fox and cause him to fall into the frigid water.

Thankfully, the trio of fishermen had compassion on the small, pitiful creature.
Since the fox was a wild animal, he resisted his rescuers' attempt to save him. Finally, however, they were able to get him back to shore. On the way back, they fed the hungry fox the only food they had available, which was Vienna sausages.

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