Parents Trust Grandpa To Take Care Of Son While Away Only To Get Text About Baby They Won’t Forget

We all have a special place in our hearts for our grandparents. I mean, why wouldn't we? They feed us like there is no tomorrow, have our backs when in a spat with our parents and even let us off the hook when we might not deserve it!

One grandpa is proving that you do not have to be technologically savvy to have a good time.
David Waterhouse was asked to watch his grandson, Ty, while his daughter and Ty's dad went on their first vacation without the baby.

The former Dallas police officer had some tricks up his sleeve regarding how he could make the babysitting adventure more fun.

David's daughter, Stephanie Waterhouse, told Good Morning America that her father does not even use social media and relies on an old flip phone to take pictures.

So she could not have imagined what would happen when she left her son in his care.
Stephanie and her husband spent their vacation in stitches as David continued to send them a series of hilarious photos of Ty posed next to printed pieces of paper with funny captions.

David had planned the hijinks well before he left for the trip. He was worried that he would not be able to figure out Stephanie's printer, so he printed them all at home before he even left for Kentucky.
Stephanie referred to the funny pictures and accompanying messages as “Memes by Pawpaw."

It is clear from looking at these pictures that this is one funny and clever Pawpaw. Ty is a lucky little boy to have this special pal in his life, that is for sure.

According to Goodmorning America, David might not be the most educated person when it comes to social media and the internet, but he was able to harness technology to give a lot of people a good laugh.

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