Interpreter breaks down in tears translating message from Ukrainian president

A huge number of videos have emerged over the last few days as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, with people sharing their stories and experiences of the conflict.

There has been plenty of footage posted online, but this might be one of the most powerful clips yet.

It shows an interpreter breaking down in tears while translating a message from defiant Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The clip shows the interpreter working for German newspaper Welt relaying the leader's address, and she was overwhelmed with emotion before she could get through the speech.

“Entschuldigung,” she says at the end of the clip, apologising for tearing up during the moving moment.

"We will fight as long as it takes to liberate the country... glory to Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said during his speech.

He also said the attacks from Russia have been "brutal" and has rejected the offer of peace talks being held in Belarus.

It comes after a Ukrainian BBC journalist unexpectedly saw images of her destroyed home while reporting on the crisis in her home country.

Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy previously received praise after sending another defiant message from the streets of Kyiv.

The leader reassured the people of the country that he was still in the capital as the Russian invasion continues.

He previously responded to reports in the Russian media that he had fled the streets despite vowing to stand and fight, and he again insisted he’s staying put.

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