Woman Shares Exhaustive Rules Her Airbnb Host Plastered Throughout the Rental in Viral Thread

Airbnb has helped a large amount of individuals earn additional income by renting out space in their own houses or properties they own, where they can serve as an independent hotel/innkeeper of sorts.

The type of business you choose to do is, just like any commercial exchange or independent contractor.

Many might argue that in the case of Airbnbs, where you're most likely dealing with a property owned by an individual, you're subjected to the rules and limitations that this particular individual may impose on their property. However, Airbnb has a certain set of guidelines for both hosts and guests, but that hasn't stopped some people from setting up additional restrictions of their property.

There are certainly certain sites with owners who are a bit more pedantic, or some that prefer overshare. Rose Johnson gathered on Twitter to demonstrate some of the signs she was wearing in the Airbnb that appear to depict a host as "a bit."

"I inherited this sofa I thought I had to take it but it has proved a serious mistake and it continues to be damaged spilt beverages etc and then then rubbed with a cloth which is the very worst thing that can be done if there is a spill. If you have a party, please do this yourself. Jonathan [last name changed.]

This is one of the many signs that the Airbnb Rose was stayed in.

Rose posted tons of signs hanging in the Airbnb, from those who encouraged guests not to stick with a particular sideboard, to random facts about the items in the house, and the host obviously has a deep-rooted connection to their home.

One might call it an affinity one developed from sheer delusion in that Jonathan (the host) appears to be presenting the property as a fictional museum with informational placards and everything.

The group of people who responded to the thread had a tumultuous reaction to the array of signs Jonathan plastered on the Airbnb, all of which varied from vile, unsettling, to inconsistent.

Many people said they would rather stay in a traditional hotel than risk incurring the pressures of Jonathan by violating one of his rules.

Others were puzzled by all of the additional information Jonathan was giving to the guests: did they really need to know about Jonathan's television personalities in the photos? Or Jonathan's age, or his essay about the house's heating system being linked to the WiFi, and why it's so important that people don't fiddle with it.

What are you thinking about? Is Jonathan just ensuring his property is maintained the right way and has had numerous bad experiences with guests in the past? Do you want to take a drink in his "I'd rather be drinking Champagne" mug?

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