Fireman’s Daughter Asks Him To Sing At Disney World & Strangers Love His Beautiful Voice

Justin Gigliello went on a Disney World vacation with his family. During their eight-day trip, the father and volunteer firefighter from Connecticut decided to take his 6-year-old daughter, Lyla, to the lobby inside the Grand Floridian hotel.

This lobby holds a very special place in Justin's heart, because it's where he used to listen to music whenever his parents took him to Disney World as a little boy.

Lyla was so excited to carry on her beloved dad's tradition.

The pianist played for the hotel guests and those dining in the surrounding restaurants, but no one was super tuned into the music. Justin and Lyla started dancing, but when the music stopped, she approached the pianist with a request.

Since her dad loves to sing, Lyla asked if he could play something for him to sing along to.

"What song?" the pianist asked, according to People. "Ave Maria," she quickly replied.

Within seconds, Justin unleashed his booming operatic voice, right there in the middle of the lobby. Pretty soon, people were emerging from the gift shops and restaurants just to hear him.

As it turns out, Justin started singing at age 15. His mother signed him up with a voice teacher who specialized in opera, and from there, Justin studied voice performance at the Boston Conservatory.

Justin's impromptu performance is now going viral, but the best part is seeing the look on Lyla's face as she watches her dad, beaming with pride.

Footage provided by WTIC Hartford

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