Family Asks Woman To Return Engagement Ring After Her Fiancé Passes Away In Order For Sister To Have It

In American culture, engagement rings are an important part of the wedding process. Often, a groom-to-be will spend a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect ring for his future partner. Sometimes people use a family heirloom as an engagement ring. In other countries, however, engagement rings are not as much of a focal point and some cultures don’t even use them at all.

A woman who posted to Reddit in June, 2021, shared that engagement rings are not commonly used in her native country. However, she became enamored with the idea and told her American fiance that she wanted one. So, he went out and had one custom-crafted from gold for his bride-to-be.

Tragically, the woman’s fiance fell ill and passed away. She has been grieving him and the loss of their future together and said she is still not doing well with the news of his death. This is why it was a huge shock for the woman when her fiance’s family reached out and claimed that they had ownership over her engagement ring. The family said they wanted the fiance’s sister to be able to pass it on to her future children.

This hurt the bride very much and she told the family she would be keeping the ring. This angered the family and they reached out to the bride’s friends and parents to try and convince her to give the ring back. The bride posted her story on Reddit and wanted the community’s opinion on if she was in the right or not.
The bride shared in her Reddit post what the engagement ring meant to her. The bride wrote, “Because I always watched men proposing to women with wedding rings on American movies, internet videos, TV shows, and other media, I always had that same ideal in my head.”

She continued, “Knowing this dream of mine, and since his family doesn't have any heirlooms or family jewels, he had a goldsmith craft a wedding ring specially for me. He knew I don't like fancy and flashy jewels, I'm a very discreet person, so he had a ring made for me that was exactly what I'd like.”

The woman is not trying to be unreasonable about the situation. “Don't get me wrong, if it were a family jewel or family heirloom, I'd not hesitate to give it back. But it isn't. He had it made specifically for me, and I'll be keeping it, because he gave it to me on our 5th year anniversary together,” she wrote.

People in the bride’s community are split on who should get the ring. She added in her post, “Some say the ring is rightfully mine, some say that it was a symbol of a contract that fell through due to sad circumstances, and that I should give it back, that I'm keeping one of their son's property and that it should stay with his sister to pass along to her future children.”

The majority of Reddit users agreed with the bride. One person wrote in a comment, “First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. Second, the ring is yours. Your late fiancé’s family doesn’t have some kind of ownership over it. He made it for you, and the fact he sadly passed doesn’t change that. You’re the rightful owner.”

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