Elderly Couple Finds Out Son Turned His Own Basement Rec Room Into Refurbished Suite For Them To Live In

George and Bonnie Miller, had spent quite a life together and entered into their golden years. This is when Bonnie's body began to fail her and unfortunately it was also the time that George's mind wasn't working like it used to.
They had both turned 87 and through their years together had learned to rely on one another like most other couples do. They had been very independent which made this time in their lives so hard.

George and Bonnie's son, Schon, was very concerned for them. He knew they had such a deep love and needed to be together. A nursing home was a thought he didn't even want to fathom. That would've been the very last option and wasn't really an option in his book.
Bonnie had fallen and unfortunately acquired a break in the shoulder. This is when their son and Jeanine, his wife, began to look for some other options for their living situation.

They had began a search for a home that would include the in-law suite. Most of the time the in-law suites are small on suites located within the single family home or they can be a small building in close proximity located on the same property. This makes keeping an eye on older loved one much easier.
The problem was that they couldn't find a home that fit exactly what they were looking for. Then they had an idea, one that will melt your heart.

They decided to do some renovations to their own home. They tore out walls in their basement which used to be a recreation room. They removed all their games and activities which were a part of their regular lives. This include a karaoke machine and even a pool table.
They made some sacrifices but they knew that it would be more than worth it. The basement was completely transformed into a suite for Schon's parents. They even went as far as to supply it completely with everything they could need.

Take a look at this video as George and Bonnie are surprised with their new "home". Bonnie becomes very emotional and even cries a little, but that is to be expected.

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