Deaf Baby Girl Reacts To Hearing Mom Say 'I Love You' After Being Fitted For Hearing Aids

A beautiful baby girl gets to experience her Mommy say "I love you" for the first time. Now for most it happens naturally. For a baby who is deaf, it is a breakthrough. You're gonna love this!!
Baby Charly's parents grew concerned when their little girl didn't respond to noises or vocal cues. The concerned parents took her into the doctor and requested a hearing test. The results showed that Charly was hearing-impaired. She would need to start wearing a hearing aid immediately. A hearing specialist molded a hearing aid specially for Charly's ear. Once they turned it on, they had no idea she was going to have such a profound reaction.

Children born with no hearing impairment get immersed in language from the moment they arrive. As people speak, these non-impaired children start to pick up that certain sounds have meaning.

Children born with a hearing loss don't get this type of immersive experience as infants. They have difficulty developing language skills. That's why most doctors recommend that infants with hearing loss be fitted with hearing aids as quickly as possible.

The sooner an infant gets fitted with hearing aids, the sooner they start developing those critical language skills. Charly's parents made it a priority to get her fitted immediately.

Waiting any longer would hinder Charly's development. The hope was that the hearing aid would give the baby girl an avenue into the world of sound. Because she was so young, however, they didn't know how well things would go.

They were in for an amazing surprise. As soon as the hearing aid went on, Charly's face transformed. She got to hear her mother's voice for the first time, bringing her to tears. As she heard more and more, the expressions on her face shows her emotions.

Of course, Charly cannot verbalize her feelings at a young age. But, everyone in the room could tell she started crying when she heard her mother for the first time. It's going to take time for this baby girl to learn to talk and develop her listening skills.

But, the world is now her playground. Watch as Charly's world opens up, and she makes that critical connection with her Mom. Try not to cry! Technology can truly do wondrous things.

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