Bride bans guests with gifts worth lesser than $300. Rules say: "no facial hair" and women with long hair "must have it cut"

It's strange enough when you receive a wedding invitation along with a list of rules that every single guest is expected to abide by. But when that list of rules is a bunch of ridiculous demands made by a self-obsessed bride, you wonder how you got along with them in the first place.

The bride in this story not only came up with a list of unusual rules but she went as far as to say that any guest who refuses to follow them would be made to leave the wedding premises. Even the bride's sibling couldn't believe how outrageous the bride was being, all at the pretext of having a "fancy" wedding.

The sibling took to Reddit to ask people whether it would be wrong to skip her sister's wedding because of how stubborn and unreasonable she was being with her wedding demands.

"My sister is getting married in less than 3 weeks. I haven't been involved in the planning as I have my own life but from what my mom has relaid to me it's been a nightmare," the person wrote under the username MoneyMoneyMoney300. "My sister want's a 'fancy' wedding and is micro-managing everything. I have no idea how normal this is but from what i've heard she broke down crying when her fiance bought the wrong shade of white napkins. Her and both my and the grooms parents have invested a lot of money into this too the tune of over 50k."

The sibling found the ordeal "ridiculous" and tried not to say anything. But when guests received the list of rules, the sibling felt like her sister had crossed the line. Way-too-much!
"A[n] email was sent out to everyone invited to the wedding with 'attendance requirements.' These requirements were a joke, the sibling said. "Some of them were just nonsensical like what color ties are and aren't allowed or that no one can talk to the wife or groom alone. But some were absurd like the fact that no one is supposed to take pictures except the photographer for the whole event, no facial hair will be allowed or you will not be pictured, or that any women with shoulder-length or longer hair must have it cut or wear it in a ponytail."

But that wasn't the end of the bride's demands. There was more. The sibling went on to write, "The worst though was the 'gift requirements.' According to the email, a gift of 300$ value or more MUST be given (or $250 cash) or you will not be allowed into the venue. The email also ends with 'Those who choose not to follow these rules will be asked to leave.' Please think of the bride and groom's wishes during this stressful time."
Wondering whether the bride was joking or serious, the sibling said, "I can understand micromanaging but that's just absurd. I called my mom to make sure this was not a late April fool's joke and it was real. I told her that I won't be going because of this. That was wrong apparently because my sister has been blowing me up saying that I'm being selfish and that I'm ruining "her day." My parents agree with her and say I'm being an asshole. My parents have told me that they will pay for my gift but I still think that all of these rules are a joke."

The Reddit user finally asked, "Would I be an a$$ if I skipped out on the wedding?" and a number of people in the comments came to the sibling's defense.

CycleOfWife said, "I would not go. 'Since my attendance at your wedding comes with a price tag, and it's clear you value gifts, more than guests, count me out for both. Have a lovely wedding.'"
Egnards commented and said, "Your sister is a proverbial bridezilla. Demanding gifts of a certain price, especially this close to the actual wedding is absolutely ridiculous. It sounds like they're more focused on making back the money they spent on the wedding than they are on making sure friends/family are in attendance on their big day. Frankly, it's their loss because anyone they "remove" from the venue is likely still be paid for by them in terms of food/drink costs."

When Delehal wrote, "that's waaaay over the top. Just keep in mind this may lead some family members to hold a grudge for a long time," the sibling who put up the post said, "That's my biggest fear. My parents are more sad than anything that I don't want to go. I might go for their sake."

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