American Woman Reveals British Phrases That USA Has No Idea About

An American woman revealed she has been using one rude British word for three whole years without actually knowing what it means. Watch the clip below to hear what other phrases have left her baffled:

Georgia Peach, @yorkshirepeach, shares all the weird and wonderful things she encounters as an American living in the UK over on TikTok.

In an attempt to showcase her newfound knowledge of British slang, Georgia shared some phrases we Brits use that Americans ‘have no clue about’ in a new video.

She begins with ‘bricking it’ - a staple of the British vocab.

Georgia says: “I don’t even know what it means to be honest with you, but I say it all the time now. Like before an interview or something.
Credit: TikTok/yorkshirepeach
“Nobody would know what you’re on about if you said ‘I’m bricking it’ back home.

“‘Like bricking your house?’ Where does it even come from, I don’t even know.”

One helpful commenter let her know that ‘bricking it = sh***ing it’, to which she replied: “Does it??? Oh god I’m sure I’ve said it in business meetings.”

Well, it doesn’t get more British than the word ‘snog’, which is the next phrase she calls out.

“Strangest word to me. When I first heard that here it sounded like mucus,” she says, before gagging.

“A good ole snog is a like a proper kiss, isn’t it. As opposed to a peck.”

Over the pond they prefer ‘French kiss’, or a ‘kiss with tongues’, according to Georgia – we don’t know which one is worse...

The funniest phrase of them all is revealed when Georgia shouts ‘you bellend’ at the camera, before rolling in fits of laughter.
Credit: TikTok/yorkshirepeach
She then admits: “I said this for about three years before I even knew what it meant, or what it was referring to.

“Is it highly inappropriate? See, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s considered swearing in this country and what’s kind of just like fun play.

“I know where it comes from but when is it okay to say it?”

People in the comments were eager to share their opinions on the British love for swearing, as one person said: “Literally anything can be a swearword/insult in the UK.”

Another shared: “I love the English language we have the best non-swearword insults. I call other drivers bellends all the time.”

“Every swearword is friendly in the UK unless you don’t want it to be,” a third added.

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