People Are Horrified At Watching A Caver Squeeze Through A Tiny Hole

An experienced caver managed to squeeze his entire body through a hole the size of a football – and people are horrified.

In a viral clip that racked a jaw-dropping 26.8 million views, TikTok user Ethan (@stickfigureboy99) explicitly urged people not to try this at home – as if the video wasn't enough to scare people off.

"Done in the company of cave rescue class professional cavers," he added. He admitted to exhaling "all the way to bring [his] chest in" to fit through the hole.

If you happen to be claustrophobic, look away now:

The clip received over 30,000 comments from stressed-out viewers. "This put me into a panic", one confessed while another candidly added: "I will never understand these people."

One TikTok user hilariously highlighted:" 'To do this, I need to stop breathing' seems like a good indicator not to do that thing."

Another added that "no amount of money" would ever make them do this.

"This stressed me out to even watch," one concluded on behalf of the millions of viewers.

Naturally, Ethan was inundated with burning questions, which prompted him to follow up with a second clip.

One asked how he got into his line of work.

"It's not really a for hire job, more of a volunteer kinda thing," he responded. "I'm a caver and work at a showcave and just wanted to learn more!"

Ethan told followers that he's been caving for four years. He offered further context to his initial video, saying he was on a cave rescue training to learn more about how to help someone who might have been trapped underground.

He proceeded to share a series of photos inside the cave, which had much more room than the tiny entrance.

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