Katie Price Didn’t Have Any Time For Lorraine Kelly’s Plea For Her To Stop Having Surgery

Katie Price has defended her choice to have more plastic surgery in an interview with Lorraine Kelly and joked that the host sounds just like her mother.

The reality TV star appeared on Kelly’s ITV breakfast show on Thursday to spill the details about her upcoming BBC documentary with her son, Harvey as well as her love life and upcoming projects.

The conversation between the pair also turned to the glamour model's numerous cosmetic procedures.

Price has received backlash for her choice to go under the knife and when Kelly pleaded with her to not have any more work done, she said: “You sound just like my mother!”

Price, who joined Only Fans to allegedly pay off her debts, opened up about her recent brow lift which left her looking noticeably different and said her own mother also asked her to stop the surgery.

She said: “I had a brow lift and my mum was like, ‘what are you doing that for?’ and I’m like ‘mum, just realise I’m in my forties now and I had my whole career natural except my boobs and I’m going to have surgery.

“Just accept it and don’t drive yourself mad,” she added.

Price also said the procedures on her face hadn’t been painful to endure, adding: “I’m in my forties so why not? Everyone knows I’m gonna do it and everyone picks on me, but I’ll try these things.”

She also threw shade at other celebs who hide insist they’re au-naturel despite going undergoing cosmetic procedures.

She told Lorraine: “You know and I know that there’s so many people who have these tweaks and say ‘Are you joking? I’m natural’, and I’m like, you’re not. I tell everyone what I’ve had done, I don’t care.”

At least she is honest!

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