Girl Left 'Looking Like Quasimodo' After Fall From VIP Booth

A woman was left ‘looking like Quasimodo’ after she fell from a VIP booth while cheering on a male strip show. You can see her unusual injury here:

Bar worker Courtney Doran was watching the show at Barley House in Cleveland, Ohio, with a pal when she toppled from the booth plunging 10ft and landing flat on her head on the dancefloor.

The tumble left her with a hard purple bump protruding from her forehead - that left her too embarrassed to leave her house for four days.

Courtney, from Bergen County, New Jersey, US, said: "It was really hard. Like a knot. One of the first things one of my colleagues said was that I look like Quasimodo, so I found that funny.

"I noticed people on TikTok thought that too, but I've got a good sense of humour so I haven't taken anything to heart.

"I first saw the bump on my phone and my friends started taking pictures of me. They were laughing but they were concerned too.

"We were just sitting on the booth. We went to hug, lost balance and then fell off the side. We'd had a few drinks by this point.

"I kind of saw my life flash before my eyes as I fell and realised this wasn't going to be good. I landed on my face but I just bounced back up because I didn't want to take any attention off the show.

"The show stopped and people helped me up. I tend to try and downplay everything, but my colleagues said I needed to go to the hospital immediately. My eye was swelling up really badly.

"I thought it would go down that night, but they said it would take a couple of weeks. I thought the nurses would drain it or something, but luckily I wasn't in that much pain.

"There was a guy I was seeing and I was going to go back to his, but this ruined that. This definitely wasn't in my plans.

"I stayed in my house for four days and was just ordering food to the house. When I went out, I put make-up over it. I still had a purple bruise but I did a smoky eye on the other side to match it.

"When I go out in public people recognise me on the street, saying 'oh my god, there's the girl with the eye'. They ask how I'm doing."

Fortunately, Courtney was able to see the funny side of her mishap and shared footage of her swollen face on TikTok, where they’ve picked up more than two million views.

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