Woman Takes Off A Month Of Work To Take Dad With Stage 4 Cancer On Bucket List Adventures

Patrick Mitchell always had an adventurous spirit. He said he wanted to live to be 100 so he could accomplish everything he wanted. But when he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, everything changed in an instant.

His daughter Vanessa didn't want him to stop adventuring, though. So she acted fast. She got the idea to take off a month of work so that she could spend some extra time with her father. They would use that time to share some truly amazing "bucket list" experiences.

Vanessa posted on Facebook about her plans and asked people for ideas. But soon, her post started circulating far and wide. In addition to getting all kinds of ideas about what she could do with her dad, she started getting offers for experiences.

Strangers wanted to help give her dad bucket list experiences. One US Navy Search and Rescue swimmer took them on a private tour of a helicopter squadron. They also got a tour of a navy ship. They flew to Vegas and even attended a big UFC fight.

Patrick lost his battle with cancer, but his daughter will always remember the amazing times they shared. She says he died happy.

"He was completely moved by the spirit of humanity," she shared.

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