Woman Shocked To Discover Date Built Mountain Of Chewing Gum Next To His Bed

A TikToker instantly regretted asking her followers for their 's**tiest date stories' after one recalled the time their date left a mountain of chewing gum next to his bed. Watch the viral vid below:


Meelayna Moran attempted to cure her boredom by sharing the question with her followers and, in return, was left completely grossed out.

Nothing could quite prepare her for this person's shocking story, where they claimed their date had kept aside every piece of chewing gum he had ever chewed and left it by his bedside - in the shape of a Christmas tree, to make things a even more weird.

Meelayna captioned her post: "This was the most f***ed up thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, happy chewing bro."

"What the f**k is going on here?" she said in her video alongside a picture of the horrifying structure.
Credit: TikTok/@meelayna
"First of all, why is it shaped like a Christmas tree? Second of all, why is it beside your bed? Third of all... the gum packet," she then pondered before revealing an empty chewing gum packet placed next to the mountain of chewed gum.

Her terrified reaction to the gummy mountain was echoed in the comments section.

One user wrote: "I SCREAMED I didn’t think there would be prooff."

"Why doesn't he have ants," another quipped.

A third added: "So does he box it up when he moves!?

"What about the gum he doesn't want when he's not home what does he do with that? Does he put In his pocket?"

Someone else commented: "There are red flags, then there’s a gum tree next to the bed. One cannot run from this fast enough."

"I would simply burn the house," another said.

To which, the TikToker agreed: "I would simply burn the house."
Credit: TikTok/@meelayna
As we now know, men can sometimes develop some odd habits when in a relationship, and an American woman has been questioning her British husband’s decision to keep his pyjamas underneath his pillow when he’s not wearing them.

Chloe Tucker Caine lives in New York with her British husband and has grown a sizeable TikTok following by posting light-hearted clips about the differences in experience between her and her significant other.

In a recently shared video, she explained how her husband has a ‘really weird’ habit of leaving his pyjamas underneath the pillow, asking her followers: “Is this normal? I need to know.”
The woman was truly baffled by her British husband's habit. Credit: TikTok/@chloeinmanhattan
She’s been hit with hundreds of opinions on the matter, with many Brits getting involved to tell her that it’s ‘totally normal’ and others even asking her where else she is going to keep her PJs.

One such comment read: “I do this too, from Scotland. it's so they're not in the wash coz they're not dirty but not in the drawers coz they're not clean [sic].”

Another said: “Yeah sometimes. To hide them so the bed looks nice. I fold mine at the end of the bed.”

It seems perfectly normal to most of us – those of us who wear pyjamas, anyway – that you’d keep them in the bed and out of sight. Certainly more normal than a mountain of used chewing gum anyway...

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