UCLA Gymnast Delivers A Unique Routine To Billie Eilish's Song

UCLA gymnast Gracie Kramer scored her first-ever perfect 10 on floor exercise held on January 31 as she executed her routine to Billie Eilish's Bad Guy.

The four events in women's collegiate gymnastics are uneven bars, balance beam, vault, and floor exercise. For the vault routine, competitors charge down the runway and launch themselves off of a springboard with their hands to execute some impressive aerial maneuvers.

The uneven bars is a complex series of twists and flips that the athlete must perform while staying above ground and using the bars as a swinging apparatus.

Balance beam routines are some of the most nail-biting events to watch as athletes attempt amazing maneuvers on a very narrow surface, and sometimes even the most elite competitors fall from the apparatus. The floor routine relies on artistry and pure acrobatics to impress the judges.

When 21-year-old Gracie Kramer began her floor exercise, the announcer described it as "dark and foreboding" but the mood soon changed.

Gracie put on a bright smile and executed a routine that kept the audience enthralled. She did all her aerial maneuvers with great accuracy and power, and the crowd was cheering the whole time.

When Gracie hit her final pose, her team was jumping with elation at the superb performance, and some spectators began chanting her name. It was not surprising that the judges revealed their score of a perfect 10, which was the first that Gracie had received in her gymnastics career.

The first perfect 10 score in 2020 for the UCLA Women's Gymnastics team was for Gracie's teammate Kyla Ross at the opening home-meet. The score was given for her performance on the uneven bars. Gracie later commented that she felt she had delivered performances of that caliber before, but the crowd reacted a lot more enthusiastically this time.

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