The World’s ‘most Identical Twins’ Are Trying To Get Pregnant At The Same Time With Their Shared Fiancé

All of our families have their own little quirks that make us unique, but some families are a little less traditional than others. If you’ve ever wondered if your family was weird, this story will surely put things into perspective for you!

Lucy and Anna DeCinque are a set of identical twins that live in Perth, Australia, who claim that they’re the "world's most identical twins." In fact, they appeared on a Japanese TV show a few years ago and were given the title back then. In an experiment that the show did using facial recognition technology, each twin's face successfully unlocked for the other one.

The sisters dress alike, sound alike, look alike and they even act alike. These two sisters are unlike many siblings who bicker and fight. In fact, Anna and Lucy can’t stand to be apart for even a minute! From the minute they get out of bed until the minute they lie back down to go to sleep, they never want to spend a single second apart. Not even when it comes to their bathroom habits, as they claim to shower and use the restroom jointly.

To make matters even more interesting, they have been trying to both get pregnant at the same time … by the same person! Anna and Lucy have been in a relationship with the same man for over 10 years, Ben Byrne. Sharing a boyfriend may seem like a nightmare to some people, but for them, it's ideal. However, getting pregnant at the exact same time isn't purely in their hands alone. Let's take a look at their story.

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Anna and Lucy's dependence on each other started from a young age when they were being raised as children. They realized they enjoyed dressing in identical clothing and looking similar, so they decided to keep it up. However, their addiction to being identical only grew as they got older, and they did more and more things in an attempt to not separate their personalities from each other.

These days, Anna and Lucy make sure that each part of their body and outfit is identical down to a science. To make matters even more interesting, they've even had the same procedures when it comes to plastic surgery to ensure that they’re keeping their identical status. Nowadays when they think back to how they used to have different hairstyles, the twins get anxious at the thought of being different from one another. Not only is their appearance identical, but their lifestyles are too. They indulge in the same foods, and never sleep apart from each other. They also take it further by attempting to share more uncommon habits, such as taking an identical amount of steps in a day.

Once the twins first heard themselves described as the most identical twins in the world after their appearance on the Japanese TV show, they were so proud of the claim to fame that they decided to never let it go. It’s their favorite tagline for themselves!

Anna and Lucy share pictures of their life through a joint Instagram account under the username @annalucydecinque. It's clear to see that these twins are incredibly bonded with each other, which somehow makes their relationship with the same man make a little more sense.
Byrne isn't Anna and Lucy's first boyfriend but after they dated different men in the past, they found it didn't work. They reported that the men would try to separate them and didn’t understand why they wanted to be identical. The relationships never worked out, and that’s when they decided to start dating the same man

What's more, Byrne is also a twin, so he understands their lifestyle more than the average person would. They claim that their shared relationship is not only the perfect scenario but also simplifies their lives instead of complicating it. But how do the three sleep at night? In the same bed of course, with Byrne in the middle.

Anna and Lucy have been dating Byrne for 10 years now, but their uncommon relationship became even more strange when the twins decided that they wanted him to father both of their babies — at the same time! The sisters appeared on the TLC show "Extreme Sisters" and it showcased their attempts to get pregnant together, which included tracking their temperature to check when they were ovulating. They even revealed that they'd prefer that neither got pregnant rather than just one of them. The show also featured Anna and Lucy taking pregnancy tests together but both were negative in the end. Figuring out how to how to get pregnant at exactly the same time is a struggle that can only be decided by nature, but nevertheless, the sisters are still trying to make their dreams come true.

Meanwhile, in the middle of 2021, Anna and Lucy both became engaged to Byrne, as was depicted on the show. They explained they wouldn't be able to legally get married in Australia, but they discussed going to either Malaysia, Indonesia or parts of the United States to follow through on their dream.

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