Simon Cowell Gets Engaged To Long-time Girlfriend Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell is known for being one of the harshest and most critical judges on talent competition shows. He’s a record executive, television personality and entrepreneur, and he has also used his platform for the betterment of others, engaging in philanthropic activities over the years. “The X Factor,” “Britain’s Got Talent,” “America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol” are some of the most popular shows on Cowell’s resume.

Cowell had always been surrounded by musical influences growing up, so it was no surprise when he entered the entertainment industry with a strong focus on the music business. He helped launch the careers of many musical artists and bands, such as One Direction and Little Mix, who all got their big break on his competition shows. The music mogul has played a hand in the business side of his own entertainment company, Syco Entertainment, and has also worked on the production side of many musical releases.

When he is not busy judging others on television or working with various musical artists, Cowell spends time with his family, which is made up of his son, Eric, and his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Silverman — or should we say fiancee!

On Tuesday, Jan. 11, PEOPLE confirmed that Cowell had proposed to Silverman on Christmas Eve while vacationing in Barbados. Silverman’s eldest son, Adam, accompanied the couple along with Eric.

Although Cowell and Silverman are seen in a bright light now, the relationship started off with controversy. Despite the widespread media attention and bad press they first received, Silverman and Cowell have persevered and are still together to this day. The two seem very supportive of each other and have stayed by each other’s sides through all of their ups and downs.
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The news about Cowell’s current relationship first broke in 2013 when the world found out the TV villain was not only about to be a father but was in a long-term relationship. Even more shocking was that Cowell was having a baby with Silverman, who was still married to Andrew Silverman, one of Cowell’s closest friends at the time.

According to US Weekly, Cowell first met Silverman and her now-ex-husband while on vacation at Barbados’ Sandy Lane resort in 2004, and the three soon sparked a friendship that would last long after their vacation ended. As the years went by, Cowell would enter, and then soon exit, many relationships, even briefly becoming engaged to Mezhgan Hussainy, a makeup artist from “American Idol” between 2010 and 2011, according to The Sun.

Both Cowell and Silverman were unhappy in their relationships and secretly began an on-again, off-again affair with one another. They were forced to come clean about their love affair in 2013 when the American socialite became pregnant with Cowell’s child. The news became a massive scandal, as Silverman was still technically married at the time. Soon after the story became public, her then-husband filed for an “at-fault” divorce, citing her adultery with Cowell as the sole reason, according to the Daily Mail.

During an interview with The Mirror in 2013, Cowell admitted that he was not proud of how his relationship with Silverman began, especially considering the hurt that was caused as a result. “I regret that part,” Cowell said. “But then of course you have a baby and you look at the baby and you kinda go, ‘this is what happened from it.’”
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Amid all the commotion and high-profile drama, Silverman gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Eric, on Feb. 14, 2014. “My life has changed, but I am probably more focused on what I am doing now than I was a year ago,” Cowell said. “Maybe because it puts things in perspective having two people in my life who I am responsible for.”

The music mogul went on to talk about how he finally found his life partner with Silverman.

“The great thing about Lauren is she loves what I do, so she sits in if I am watching ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ for example, and she has got a good opinion,” Cowell gushed. “And I seem to have got my mojo back again.”

During an interview with Hello! Magazine in 2015, Silverman talked about how she and Cowell are a great match for each other. “I think Simon has changed me,” she said. “He makes me laugh all the time. I can’t get angry with him because when I’m trying to be cross he just makes me laugh.” Aside from their happy times together, Silverman has also credited Cowell with helping her grow as a person. “I feel I learn so much from him, which is incredibly inspiring,” she explained. “He’s very talented.”

Despite their controversial start, Cowell and Silverman have stayed together for quite some time now — and now they’re set to tie the knot. What’s more, they have a beautiful son together, and the family seems nothing but supportive of one another.

"Lauren, you've been my rock for the past few years, put up with everything I put up with," Cowell said of his fiancee in 2018.
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