More Teachers Quitting In Droves Are Documenting Departures In Controversial Social Media Posts

More teachers than ever before are deciding to leave their jobs. But they aren't staying quiet about it. A lot of teachers have taken to posting about it on social media. Some have even documented the exact moment they told their students they were leaving.

One teacher, Mahalia Aponte, was a teacher in Albuquerque. She documented on TikTok the emotional moment she told her eighth-grade students that it was her last day.

You can hear students gasp as their teacher says, "Tomorrow is actually my last day with you guys, too, OK?"

A lot of people felt like it was a bizarre move to tell the students in such a spur-of-the-moment and upfront manner, as well as to post it on social media. But the teacher says that her students were certainly old enough to handle it.

So, why did she decide to leave her job? For Mahalia, it came down to money and feeling undervalued as a teacher.

"I work already a side job serving three nights a week on top of my 40 plus hours as a teacher," she told Inside Edition. "I shouldn't have to be working two, sometimes three extra jobs to make ends meet as a teacher."

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