Mom With Cancer Takes Out Billboard To Help Daughter Find Love

Mothers want their daughters to find happiness. But for one mom, finding happiness in the form of a life partner is a top priority.

That's because Beth Davis, mom to Molly Davis, was diagnosed for a second time with breast cancer. The cancer has since spread to Beth's bones. That means she knows she won't be around for her daughter as long as she'd like to be.

While she wants Molly to find a partner, for Beth, it's more about having a loving family, as well.

While Molly worried what people might think of the billboard, her mother was hopeful about what could come out of it.

"I'm really hoping that Molly finds a man who has this lovely family so when I'm gone she still has a loving family," she said.

Beth is hoping that her daughter finds love before Beth dies from cancer. That way, she'll get to meet the person her daughter spends her life with.

The billboard will stay up until January 25.

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