Mom Charged After Covid-positive Son Found In The Trunk Of Her Car To 'isolate' Him

It's no secret that COVID cases are spiraling out of control, thanks to the rise of Omicron. Because of the variant's highly contagious nature, it seems to be spreading within families at lightning-fast speeds, with one recent study even finding it to be 70 times more contagious than Delta. Apparently, this is what one Texas mother was afraid of when she drove to a COVID testing site last week. According to reports, the woman feared getting the virus so much that she made her COVID-positive son lie in the trunk of her car in order to isolate him.

The bizarre story first made headlines last week

According to court documents, 41-year-old Sarah Beam was arrested on Saturday, January 3, at a drive-through testing site in northwest Harris County. Initial reports stated that a "witness" heard something coming from the trunk of Beam's car, and after inquiring about the noise, the mother willingly popped open her trunk to reveal her 13-year-old son, who was lying down inside.

However, a separate statement later obtained by KPRC provided a bit more clarity to what really went down ...

Apparently, it was Beam who first copped to the whole thing

According to her arrest warrant, the mother allegedly brought her son to a testing site run by the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District at Houston’s Pridgeon Stadium. Once there, she allegedly told the district’s director of health services that she was there to receive a COVID test, and that her son was in the trunk of her car.

But it wasn't some random act of cruelty, she insisted — it was only so she didn’t expose herself to the virus while driving, since her son had already tested positive for COVID-19 days earlier.

The health director first told Beam to pull over, and then dialed 911

Police arrived a short time later, conducted a full investigation, and was soon able to determine that, yep — the mother had in fact put her teen son in the trunk of her car. (In addition to eye-witness statements, there was also nearby surveillance footage that corroborated the story.)

The good news is, Beam's son was found unharmed

... but the bad news? His mom now faces some pretty serious consequences for her actions. Beam was ultimately arrested and charged with endangering a child, and was held on a $1,500 bond.

Within hours, the mother had bonded out of jail and was back at home

But as soon as her employer caught wind of the news, Beam found herself in even more hot water.

You see, it turns out that the Houston mother is also an English teacher with Cy-Fair ISD. (Or, at least she was.) Following last week's incident, Beam has since been placed on administrative leave.

As for whether or not the mother has any remorse for her actions, that remains uncertain, too. According to reports, she hasn't responded to any inquiries for comment, and it is unclear whether or not she has sought legal representation.

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