Miley Cyrus Shrugs off Wardrobe Malfunction as Fans Rush to Defend Her

Miley Cyrus' wardrobe malfunction didn't stop her from putting on a show in the moment, and it seems she still isn't embarrassed after the fact. The 29-year-old pop star's top fell off during her live NBC New Year's Eve special, Miley's New Year's Eve Party, and she quickly rebounded by covering herself and changing backstage. (Although her second outfit choice led to another malfunction.) The whole ordeal sparked loads of conversation on entertainment media websites and on social media, and Cyrus acknowledged all the talk on Saturday afternoon.

Much of the media coverage used the expression "suffered a wardrobe malfunction," a phrasing that The Hustle's Nicole Phillip didn't appreciate, given Cyrus professional handling of the situation. Moments after the viral moment, Phillip tweeted, "She didn't 'suffer.' Girl didn't miss a beat or [slip] a t— and STILL delivered." Cyrus loved Philip's take on the situation. The "We Can't Stop" and "The Climb" singer replied, noting she "loved every second" of the event, including the hectic slip-up.
Cyrus also acknowledged the wardrobe issue during the show itself. As she continued her performance of "Party in the USA" (while wearing a blazer she threw on after her top fell apart), she added in the line "Everybody's definitely looking at me now," and also said, "I'm still in the most clothes that I've ever worn on stage." She also seemingly made reference to the moment at the end of the broadcast when she revised the whole theme of the show (which had also been plagued with artist cancellations and other last-minute changes).

"Tonight's show was all about being flexible, rolling with the punches, and making the best out of even the worst circumstances," Cyrus said, as transcribed by PEOPLE. "And that resilience shouldn't end here. Let's bring that into the New Year with us. We've all learned how to expect the unexpected, and rather than see it as a problem, let's see it as an opportunity. I wish everyone here in Miami and everyone watching from home a happy and healthy 2022. Thank you for making tonight possible. You were really all that I needed to have the ultimate party."

Miley's New Year's Eve Party, which Pete Davidson co-hosted, is streaming now on Peacock. There are also select clips from the event on YouTube, but NBC has notably not shared the performances that featured wardrobe malfunctions there.

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