Hooters Waitress Blasted For Being ‘Ungrateful’ For Small Tips

A Hooters waitress has been criticised for being ‘ungrateful’ after she shared her tips on TikTok.

In the clip that’s been viewed more than eight million times, Ali (@alidspicexo) revealed ‘what we make in four hours’ while working for the famed restaurant chain. You can watch her video here:

At first, she speaks highly of her generous tips, telling her 755,000 followers: “My first table, I got a $50, which was nice. It was a four-top.”

However, she rolls her eyes when saying: “My second table, I got $11.”

Ali goes on to say: “My third table I got $20, and then I got $10 from a really old couple. But, whatever.”

As other employees share their earnings for the shifts, the TikToker then discusses some of the larger tips she’s received.

This included a whopping $300 (£220) Venmo deposit from one of her ‘regulars’.

But things end on a sour note when she says: “All right y’all, this one made me mad. But it’s whatever.

“They left me $10, wrote it on the bill, scribbled it out and wrote $5 when I walked away. Why?”

A number of people took to the comments section to slam Ali’s ‘ungrateful attitude’ to some of the smaller bonuses.

“Not you being ungrateful for $5 or $10 dollars,” wrote one user, while another said: “Pls I thought $11 was MORE than enough for a tip.”

A third commented: “Imagine that old couple didn’t have much to tip but gave you the $10 thinking it was a big tip and you come here to say ‘but whatevaaa’.”

A fourth added: “Raging about a $5 tip, be lucky to get any tip in the UK."

Others joked about leaving their jobs to work at Hooters. One wrote: “Not me having two masters degrees and wishing I worked at Hooters instead of being a teacher…”

Ali addressed the backlash in a follow-up clip (which has since been deleted), stating: “I don’t just make money from Hooters and rely on men for money.”

As well as being a full-time student, the waitress said she also works as a paid influencer and a sales rep for an employment company.

Speaking about making tips at Hooters, she explained: “All you have to do is be bubbly, make them feel like you care for them…

“If you show you care, obviously they’re going to tip you better."

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