Dan Bilzerian Posted A Picture Of Himself Without A Beard And People Are Finding It Hard To Adjust

Dan Bilzerian – we all know him, but many of us must wonder exactly why or how we do.

He seems to be famous for being surrounded by beautiful women in lovely locations and sharing those situations on social media.

He’s also just one of those people who seems to be rich and famous for being rich and famous, like an Instagram ouroboros serpent eating his own tail.

One for the fans of ancient symbology, there.

Bilzerian is also famous for being a big, muscle-bound, bearded poker player.

However, he didn’t always have that big bushy beard, and that’s why we’re all here.

The 41-year-old has been pictured in the past without his trademark facial fuzz, and we’re about to show you the evidence of that.
Here he is beardless. Credit: Twitter
What do you reckon? He looks kind of weird, right?

I guess once you get used to seeing someone with a huge amount of facial hair, you hardly recognise them without.

Of course, he’s also significantly younger in these photographs, so many that makes a difference, too.

In one, Bilzerian – who did train to become a Navy SEAL but never graduated – wears what appears to be military gear and holds a menacing looking weapon.

In another, which is a little more familiar, he’s shirtless and smiling away.

He shared one of those pictures on his Twitter account back in 2014, writing: “10 yrs ago before I had a beard, when girls just used me for sex and didn't want to date me.”
It's definitely different. Credit: Twitter
Bilzerian used the hashtag ‘#IMissThoseDays’ after sharing that snap, so he was clearly enjoying himself at the time.

Next to the snap he stuck one of himself in more hirsute and recognisable form.

In another picture that has been dredged from the swamp of internet past, Bilzerian is taking a traditional mirror selfie, again wearing what looks like army fatigues.

Again, he’s got no beard, and looks pretty brooding.

It’s a far cry from his usual style, in which Bilzerian posts pictures of himself and his many – largely female – friends enjoying the trappings of his lavish lifestyle.
There he is with the full beard. Credit: Alamy
Yachts, cigars, expensive bottles of booze, they’re all hallmarks of the classic Bilzerian Instagram post, and in all of them he has a big beard.

Perhaps that is the secret to his success after all.

No wait, it’s probably still the massive trust fund that he got from his Wall Street corporate raider father.

Still, what a beard, right?

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