Guy Ritchie Movie With Amazing Cast Is Now On Netflix

Netflix has just announced one of famed British director Guy Ritchie's new films will now be streaming on its platform.

With Collin Farrell and Matthew McConaughey, it would be difficult to shy away from this banger even if it had one-star reviews.

But Hugh Grant, rapper Bugzy Malone, Charlie Hunnam, and Succession star Jeremy Strong all feature alongside Collin and Matt.
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That's right. The Gentlemen is now streaming on Netflix.

Oh, and about those one-star reviews - I'm yet to see one.

In fact, the film sports a 4.5/5 star rating on Google based on almost 4,000 people's opinions.

People are getting pretty psyched online about the news that Netflix shared on 7 January last week.

Over 222,000 people have liked the platform's Facebook post to announce the new addition to its film roster.

Patricia Trainor wrote: "Brilliant. Watched it last night. Highly recommended."

Lindsay Stone wrote: "Just watched it this week. So funny, so many famous faces!

"Hugh Grant was brilliant, loved his voice."

One user even claimed to have watched it twice as soon as it came out.
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Tom Vine wrote: "Guy Ritchie back to his best form with this.

"Loved it! Some great performances, Farrell and Grant are probably the best but a great ensemble all round and some excellent direction and script writing."

To promote the news, Netflix published a short three-minute clip from the film featuring one of Collin Farrell's most bad*** scenes.

When a posse of youngsters swaggers into the sandwich shop he's ordering from, Collin's character turns to confront them about their impolite behaviour.

One thing leads to the next (no surprises here for anyone who's watched In Bruges), and Farrell ends up turning the four youths inside out.
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It's no understatement when I say the film includes a lot more action sequences exactly like that.

Fans can look forward to more of Farrell in a new TV series based on the film and directed by Richie.

Miramax Television confirmed the news in October 2020 and more information is yet to be released.

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