Footage Captures Traffic Jam In One Of Elon Musk's Underground Tunnel Loops

One of Elon Musk's many bold claims on Twitter was that it was 'traffic forever, or tunnels' as he decided to re-invent in the tunnel in order to solve vehicle congestion. Sadly for him his own tunnels have failed to solve the problem.
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Footage has gone viral showing a traffic jam in the Tesla CEO's underground tunnel in Las Vegas, during major industry event, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Typically the show brings huge crowds as the media and other stakeholders flock to to get their first chance of the year to witness new products and technologies that may well become a permanent fixture in every day human life.

For obvious pandemic-related reasons, this year's show - which wrapped up today (7 January) after beginning on 5 January - wasn't as busily populated as it usually it.

So you wouldn't think there would be much traffic or congestion at all compared to if it was brimming with capacity. Think again.

The video shared online shows backed-up traffic at the annual Las Vegas tech convention and has left people somewhat perplexed, given that's kind of the exact opposite result to what Elon claimed would happen.

The tunnel in question is called The Loop and is an underground tunnel around 40 feet deep that runs from near the Las Vegas Convention Center's West Hall to the South Hall and back built by Musk's Boring Company.

People enter Teslas at 'stations', and are then driven by a human through the tunnel to a drop-off point - surprisingly enough there's no automated driving here yet.

The tunnel can apparently fit 70 cars, but the supposedly the reason for the traffic jam was because there were 90 cars in at times due to 'driver error'.

And people were quick to take to social media to share videos of their high-tech traffic jam experiences.

"Oh my there's a traffic jam," someone was heard saying in one video.

"The @boringcompany Convention Center Loop operating early as CES kicks off today. Driver said 90 cars are in use in the 3 stop loop system today," wrote ReviewJournal journalist Mick Akers in a tweet.

Someone else commented: "2025: This how most will die, asphyxiating in a tesla tunnel traffic jam, which is supposed to be impossible."
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A second meanwhile quipped: "They should link the cars together, have one driver in the front car, and run these between stations on a regular schedule. Thinking they could call it a 'subway'."


In a report from CBS affiliate 8News, they said that if there are issues in the tunnel, 'drivers, who the Boring Company employs, are trained to continue to the nearest station. If there is a blockage, drivers are trained to reverse out of the tunnel'.

Sounds like Elon's got it all sorted then.

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