Woman Shocked To Find Apartment's Front Stairs Are Suddenly Gone

A woman from Georgia went viral on TikTok after the stairs to leave her apartment completely vanished. Watch below:

Olivia Crump shared the clip from her Atlanta flat and as she went to head out, found a demolished staircase.

She captioned the vid: "When your apartment removes the stairs without warning and you’re stuck for hours."

She told Daily Dot that she was stuck for four hours.

Olivia said: "It was impossible to get down without climbing over the ledge with a ladder or scaling the side with a decent drop below.

"Then, when was finally able to go downstairs, she had to walk on 'unfinished steps'.

"We were stuck for nearly four hours until the worker finally told me I could come down, and me and my dog hopped on an unfinished step so I could let her outside."

She continued: "They did this on two buildings that I know of and no one has heard a peep from them.

"I have no plans to pursue legal action although I’m sure I could, because they were definitely causing a fire hazard.

"I do think it’s more than fair that they give us some form of compensation for putting us in a dangerous situation without warning, but it doesn’t seem like they plan on doing that."

Many in the comments were referring to the famous Ed, Edd n Eddy missing staircase scene in the basement, where Eddy shouts: "What happened to the stairs?"

To which, Ed replies: "My parents took them down because I was grounded."

One user joked: "I introduced my kids to Ed, Edd n Eddy the other day so this is doubly hilarious rn."

"My parents took mine too," someone else added.

A third commented: "Definitely a fire hazard.

"They should have had everyone leave or made a temporary alternative route."

Another wrote: "*calls work* “i cant come in today i cant get out of my apartment…there's no stairs.”

Someone else echoed that thought: "Imagine having to go to work and you have to tell your manager that your stairs got stolen."

The viral footage was uploaded on 27 Dec and racked up a mega 1.5 million views.

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