A Kentucky Toddler Dressed Up As The Queen. A Few Months Later She Received Royal Mail

Two-year-old Jalayne Sutherland might be the youngest fan of Queen Elizabeth, but she's also one of the luckiest. When Jalayne's mom, Katelyn, decided to dress her toddler up as Queen Elizabeth for Halloween, she probably didn't think that she'd actually hear back from Britain's longest-ruling monarch about the costume — but she did.

It turns out Queen Elizabeth was pretty delighted by Jalayne's getup, and it's not hard to understand why.

In her floral hat and white gloves, little Jalayne does an incredible job of emulating the Queen of England. On top of the costume, Jalayne also took a photo alongside two corgis, which just happen to be the Queen's favorite dog breed.

Katelyn sent a photo of the costume to Buckingham Palace, and you can watch the video to find out how the Queen reacted.

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