6-Year-Old Calls 911 After Her Barbies Go Missing

Addie Cooper knows that dialing 911 will get you help when you need it fast. That's why the 6-year-old girl from Pell City, Alabama, picked up the phone when she found herself in a true emergency last month. You see, her favorite Barbie doll had suddenly gone missing — and so had her Baby Shark toy! Needless to say, she needed all the help she could get in finding them.
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The "incident" reportedly happened on December 4

In an audio recording of the call, which was later obtained by WVTM 13, the 6-year-old can be heard begging the operator for help.

“Hello, some of my toys are missing,” the little girl said, before explaining that her mother was currently in the shower and therefore unable to be of service.

In response, the operator tried to keep their composure

“Do you know where they went?” they asked Addie, who quickly volunteered her best guess.

“I think a bandit stole them,” she told the dispatcher.

At the time of the call, Addie's mom was getting ready for a Christmas party

In fact, moments before she hopped in the shower, she handed her 6-year-old an old phone to play with that she thought was unable to make calls.

Turns out, she was wrong.

“I didn’t think anything about it,” Hynes later shared. "This child has such a great imagination. When I realized what had happened, I turned white."

In the end, Addie's toys didn't turn up

But that's not because they were stolen.

According to her mom, they were actually donated to a local thrift store, where Hynes hoped that another child could get some enjoyment out of them. But unfortunately it looks like Addie forgot, and suddenly missed her old playmates!

Watch the video above to hear the hilarious moment go down for yourself.

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