Young Single Teacher Adopts Her Own Student To Save Him From 'endless Trauma': 'he Is Loved'

  • Paige Bramlett, 25, from Indiana, met her now-son, William, when she worked as his behaviour specialist when he was in kindergarten

  • At the time, he was in the foster care system, and she said he had faced 'endless trauma' that left him with PTSD

  • After going from home to home for four years, she decided to welcome him into her own home as her adopted son - a decision her pals felt was 'crazy' due to her age and marital status

A single teacher has revealed that she has adopted her five-year-old student, who she began fostering at only 24 years old - despite her family and friends opposing the decision.

Going on TikTok, she shared the heartwarming story in an emotional video and it quickly went viral.

"He was in foster care and struggled with behaviours from PTSD and trauma. He had been in several homes in four years. One day, he didn't show up to school, and he had never missed a day. I ran into his caseworker collecting his things in the hallway."

"She told me they were looking for a forever home for him to be placed in. I introduced myself and asked her what to do to become his forever home. Now, he is adopted, loved, and chosen," Paige narrated.

In another video, the mom-of-one opened up about the scrutiny she faced from her peers after deciding to foster William. "I, single at 24-years-old explaining to everyone that I'm going to start fostering one of my students. Everyone I was insane," she recounted.

Heart of gold: Teacher raises funds online, pays fees for 40 needy students

Briefly News previously reported that teacher Ewuraama, a popular Ghanaian professional tutor, has been able to help 40 students with the payment of their school expenses after soliciting funds on social media.

In a narration on her Instagram handle, @teacher_ewuraama, Ewuraama said that she was able to accrue R11k, which assisted the students from humbled backgrounds immensely.

In a set of pictures that were shared, the students are seen beaming with smiles as they hold signs with inscriptions that portray their gratitude to everyone who donated.

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